Cranberry Clementine Sauce – ruby red deliciousness

Cranberry sauce with Clementine

this cranberry clementine sauce is a simple recipe to make, and in my opinion, it is tasty. It is not as sweet as some cranberry sauce recipes, and it has a tart cranberry taste. To make it extra posh use red pepper only. And one tip – clementines can be a bit sweet. I suggest first squeezing out the juice and tasting it, then deciding how much sugar to use in it.

Needed things for Cranberry Sauce

200 g cranberries
1 clementine with edible skin (substitute with orange, 1/2 orange = 1 clementine)
2 Tbsp (brown) sugar
water if needed
salt and pepper to taste

Start by zesting the clementine. You can put the zest into a small bowl, then squeeze the juice inside as well. Taste, and if the clementine is sweet, then omit one Tbsp sugar.

Add cranberries and sugar to a pot and put to medium heat. When the cranberries start popping and sugar is melted, add the clementine juice and zest. Then cook until all of the cranberries are popped and you have a nice thick sauce. Season with salt and pepper. If the sauce is too thick add the water to your liking. This makes a chunky sauce with bits of fruit.

Smooth sauce

To make smooth sauce blitz the finished sauce in a blender. If needed add a bit more water.

Let sauce cool before serving. To posh it up, use red pepper only

Serve cranberry clementine sauce with wild meats, like venison or boar, and thick stews or with turkey.

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