Orange Easter Table

orange table setting

I really like the way I set and decorated the table for Easter, so I decided to share it with you. It is a simple family setup, that has our carrot centerpiece in the middle and is using orange cocktail napkins for extra pops of colour. Without further ado, let’s set our table 🙂

Needed for orange Easter table

simple white plates – big low plates and deep plates (in my set deep plates are like little bowls
orange cocktail napkins
carrot centerpiece
cutlery – spoons, forks and knives

I am using a printed black and white table cloth, but you can use any white or beige table cloth. Even go without table cloth if you have a nice table.

On table cloth, we will put big low plates. Then on the plate, I put one cocktail napkin unfolded. If you think of a plate as a clock the top corner is showing 12 o’clock and the bottom corner is showing 6. On the big plate, with a cocktail napkin, I put the deep plate or a soup bowl. And the plates are done!

Setting the cutlery and glasses

Since we put the plates down the next steps will be easy. On the right side you will put knife that has the cutting edge pointed towards the plate. Then add the spoon beside the knife. Fork is going to the left of the plate. After you have set the cutlery you can straighten them a bit so that the bottom tip of the cutlery handle is on the same line as the bottom edge of the plate.

For glasses, we will first put one folded cocktail napkin with corners showing the same direction as the napkin on the plate. This napkin will go above the spoon and knife. Then simply place the glass in the middle of the napkin.

Finishing touches

To finish our simple yet festive table we will put the carrot and tulip centerpiece in the middle of the table. You can add some extras, like a small present in the deep dish with the name of the person sitting there, or an orange egg, but it can go without extras. Of course, you can add wine glasses or champagne glasses by the glass, and they can also have a little orange or green cocktail napkin. The choice is yours.

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