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let me introduce myself to you. My name is Iva and I’m a gardening junkie. I fell in love with gardening when I was a child and me and my Mum were spending quality time together in the garden. As I grew older and went into my teenage years, I would help my Mum do various chores around the garden and not just get in her way 🙂 . I have a big love of plant and animals, and am a proud owner of a semi-persian cat called Antoaneta. She’s a real salad destroyer – she simply loves sleeping in the container with fresh salad baby leaves and sometimes chili peppers.

About the blog

On this blog I write my ideas and gathered knowledge about gardening. Also a lot of our DIY projects will be posted here, with or without instructions. My husband Mario is helping me with some of the projects, but for most part I do my projects alone. And yes, I’m not afraid of using power tools if project demands it.

At the beginning I thought about writing only about the garden, and what I do and what you can do in your garden in which season. Then, in the winter time, I realized there is not much topics I can write about. So I decided to add house organizing and ideas to the mix. As a person with ADHD I have some difficulties when it comes to cleaning and organization. But I do have some tips for all the impatient ones, on how to train yourself to be more organized. So hopefully you can get an idea on how to cope with your disorder or how to keep your house clean in an easier way.