Organizing and cleaning the home. Also some of the decorating ideas for the holidays.

(Re)Filling the pillows

Hi all,I was a bit tired of constantly buying new pillows and decided to renew some old ones by re-filling them. This process is the same as for filling pillows from scratch. The only difference is that if you are filling new pillows you won’t have to mix the fillings. You will just stuff the Read More >

Orange Easter Table

Hi,I really like the way I set and decorated the table for Easter, so I decided to share it with you. It is a simple family setup, that has our carrot centerpiece in the middle and is using orange cocktail napkins for extra pops of colour. Without further ado, let’s set our table 🙂 Needed Read More >

Succulent in a Cork!

Hi!This winter I had made advent succulent basket and had some small leftover pieces of succulent. All except one I planted into miniature terracotta planters. That special one I planted into a bottle cork. After almost 6 months it has finally rooted. So I can finally say that this experiment was successful. This is how Read More >

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Advent succulent basket

Hi,since I’m a succulent and Xmas/Yule obsessed person. It seamed like a logical solution to combine the two things. So I came up with a simple and elegant Advent succulent basket. A bit different take on an Advent wreath. I may dress it up a bit more once when succulents become established.   Needed for Read More >

Sinister Arrangement of Dead Plants

Hello,winter is on it’s way and the meadows are filled with dead dry plants. So In order to celebrate the beginning of winter and Halloween I made a simple dry meadow plant sinister arrangement. I actually picked them on our way home, I made my husband stop the car when we approached an easy to Read More >

Using Kitchen Scraps as Mulch on Houseplants

Hi, Using kitchen scraps as mulch is something I’ve been doing for an almost entire year and has proved to be a good thing. I’m using kitchen scraps as mulch for my houseplants and plants in containers. Not all kitchen scraps will do, but this is a way to cut down your waste. Using kitchen Read More >

Stock up the kitchen – pots and pans

I decided to write a post about what you need to host a party as well as have a nice meal at your home. The inspiration came after watching some videos. I was amazed and frightened at the fact on how many things are being said to be necessary. Let’s be honest. All you need is glasses, cutlery, plates and some pots and pans. So let’s start with filling up our kitchen – with things that we actually need. Here are my guidelines, that serve me to not overload my kitchen with unnecessary stuff.

Wooden Chopping Boards – welcome them home

Hi, we recently bought two wooden chopping boards. I really really prefer those to plastic ones. For couple of reasons. One is that they are nature friendly – if you lose one on picnic it will only decompose after some time, and the mushrooms and wild life will love them. Second reason is that they Read More >

Herbwall – fresh herbs in small space

Hi, I like to use fresh herbs in my kitchen, and since I’m now living in an apartment, I don’t have huge amount of space. Luckily for me, I have a balcony – small, but big enough to house some plans. And for one wall I had a plan to make it herbwall. What’s a Read More >

House rules to make life easier

Hi, in my last home post I gave you some of my house rules that help me coping with amount of stuff in my home. This time I will give you a bit more rules that I try to follow. Some of them may seem insane, but for me it works. I’ve been fighting my Read More >