Gardening in the autumn – the golden part of the year. Find what autumn has in store for us in garden works, recipes and DIY.

Mum´s Tomato juice – 1 ingredient recipe

Hi,my Mum has always made tomato sauce or juice for winter preserves. This has been one of the most important late summer activities. We wouldn´t buy tomato sauce or juice, instead we would bottle our own. We would usually call this preserve by the name of the fruit – tomato. Here is the recipe for Read More >

Second-year of the new garden and creating new borders

Hi, our little garden is slowly starting to take shape. The overgrown plants are now subdued, and the new hedges and topiary are slowly growing. For the second year of our garden, I want to create the flower borders surrounding the round lawns. This will take a bit of time and patience but even in Read More >

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Turkey Breast Roll with Mushroom Filling

Make a delicious turkey breast roll with mushroom filling. Perfect for any occasion. Pairs well with mushroom gravy.

Mushroom gravy

How to make a tasty mushroom gravy that is a perfect compliment to the turkey. You can make it vegan as well.

Fresh Cheese and Cheddar Dip

A simple and tasty fresh cheese and cheddar dip. You can whip it out in minutes. Great when the unexpected guests arrive.

Cranberry Clementine Sauce – ruby red deliciousness

How to make tasty cranberry clementine sauce with a bit of peppery heat and clementine juice. Add red pepper for an extra touch.