All things related to summer. Enjoying the fruits and veggies we planted in spring. Garden parties and entertaining are on the rise, with tasty barbecue recipes. Also, a lot of ideas for preserving the summer harvest.

Mum´s Tomato juice – 1 ingredient recipe

Hi,my Mum has always made tomato sauce or juice for winter preserves. This has been one of the most important late summer activities. We wouldn´t buy tomato sauce or juice, instead we would bottle our own. We would usually call this preserve by the name of the fruit – tomato. Here is the recipe for Read More >

T-L-T sandwiches – crunchy turkey does the trick

Hi, for my birthday we wanted to go for a picnic. We packed up everything and at the last minute decided to stay home. But these T-L-T sandwiches – short for turkey lettuce and tomato sandwiches were perfect – crunchy and refreshing at the same time. Turkey is fried with crunchy cornflakes breading, tomato and Read More >

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Fresh Cheese and Cheddar Dip

A simple and tasty fresh cheese and cheddar dip. You can whip it out in minutes. Great when the unexpected guests arrive.

Gooseberry galette with whipped creme fraiche

Hi,I really, really like gooseberries. They remind me of my childhood. My best friends grandma had 6 big bushes of gooseberries – red and green. And we would often nibble on these when we were kids. Now is season of berries. And every month there is a new berry getting ripe. So I though to Read More >

Summer Iced Afternoon Tea – Peachy Affair

Hi, since we’re enjoying the last days of summer I decided to celebrate the late summer with iced afternoon tea. It follow the classical English afternoon tea with the exception of serving iced tea. This iced tea I made by brewing white tea and infusing it with peaches. As a centerpiece we used again a Read More >

Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet

Hi, this is a simple recipe for sorbet that you can use as palate cleanser or simply as a desert. It can be as sweet or sour as you want it. Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet does require one item to be made ahead – Lavender Simple Syrup. Well then, let’s start with recipes. Sour Read More >

Parchment Baked Carrot Soup aka Liquid Carrot

Hi, I have to admit. I’m crazy about soups, and recently I’ve gotten even crazier about vegan soups. Sorry. Parchment Baked Carrot Soup is another delightful and easy soup. I’m so not sorry it’s (almost) vegan. Again. It may seem like a LOT of coconut oil, but vitamin A and beta-carotene are soluble in fat. Read More >

Golden summer soup – yellow zucchini and turmeric

Hi, zucchini season is upon us. And this year I got two yellow zucchinis from my colleague. I decided to make a similar soup to the one i did last year – Yellow zucchini and carrot soup, but this time around I didn’t put any carrots and I used a bit of yoghurt to counter Read More >

Celebrating Harvest with Bread Platter

Hi, the time of harvest is already upon us. And to celebrate the beginning of harvest – Lammas or Lughnasadh, I made a simple bread platter with fresh homemade gluten free breads. I made a dark gluten free bread, from the buckwheat flour coupled with universal flour. And a turmeric or curcuma braided bread. This Read More >