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05 Jul

Gooseberry galette with whipped creme fraiche

Hi,I really, really like gooseberries. They remind me of my childhood. My best friends grandma had 6 big bushes of gooseberries – red and green. And we would often nibble on these when we were kids. Now is season of berries. And every month there is a new berry getting ripe. So I though to Read More >

16 Sep

Summer Iced Afternoon Tea – Peachy Affair

Hi, since we’re enjoying the last days of summer I decided to celebrate the late summer with iced afternoon tea. It follow the classical English afternoon tea with the exception of serving iced tea. This iced tea I made by brewing white tea and infusing it with peaches. As a centerpiece we used again a Read More >

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07 Sep

Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet

Hi, this is a simple recipe for sorbet that you can use as palate cleanser or simply as a desert. It can be as sweet or sour as you want it. Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet does require one item to be made ahead – Lavender Simple Syrup. Well then, let’s start with recipes. Sour Read More >

22 Aug

Parchment Baked Carrot Soup aka Liquid Carrot

Hi, I have to admit. I’m crazy about soups, and recently I’ve gotten even crazier about vegan soups. Sorry. Parchment Baked Carrot Soup is another delightful and easy soup. I’m so not sorry it’s (almost) vegan. Again. It may seem like a LOT of coconut oil, but vitamin A and beta-carotene are soluble in fat. Read More >

03 Aug

Golden summer soup – yellow zucchini and turmeric

Hi, zucchini season is upon us. And this year I got two yellow zucchinis from my colleague. I decided to make a similar soup to the one i did last year – Yellow zucchini and carrot soup, but this time around I didn’t put any carrots and I used a bit of yoghurt to counter Read More >

01 Aug

Celebrating Harvest with Bread Platter

Hi, the time of harvest is already upon us. And to celebrate the beginning of harvest – Lammas or Lughnasadh, I made a simple bread platter with fresh homemade gluten free breads. I made a dark gluten free bread, from the buckwheat flour coupled with universal flour. And a turmeric or curcuma braided bread. This Read More >

15 Jul

Summer menu for “al fresco” dining

Hi, this treat we had for Sunday lunch. The weather was nice and sunny and I stumbled upon a globe thistle flowers at my local florist. I really love those. Our balcony has a sort of a seaside feeling that further inspired me to make this simple yet delicious menu. We could have easily packed Read More >


Onion pizza with tomato salad

Hi, this is a recipe for onion pizza that I make often. It is a simple pizza and we love our pizza. Unlike other version this one has onions on top. Has no mushrooms and contains a thick layer of cheese on top. Needed for onion pizza pizza dough (I make gluten free version according Read More >


Watermelon ball salad

Hi, this was a real treat on a hot summer’s day – cold, sweet and refreshing. Watermelon ball salad is very simple. The only “catch” here is that the watermelon is but to balls with melon baller. I’m not a fan of specialized tools. But melon baller is something I really enjoy using. And use Read More >

05 Jul

Sataraš – perfect summer dish

Hi, Sataraš (satarash) is a perfect summer dish made from ripe tomatoes, paprika and onions. It can be eaten hot or cold, and for me, it is perfect accompanied by simple rice. There are many recipes for sataraš, but my family has always made the most simple version there is – completely vegan and clean Read More >