Cabbage pasta – my childhood fave

cabbage pasta

Hi all,
my husband loathes this dish, so I make it only occasionally. But the trick to the cabbage pasta is to caramelise the onions and cabbage until the are brown This gives the cabbage a specific piquant aroma. It is very hard to describe. This dish is super easy to make in a vegan version, since it has no meat nor dairy inside. All you do is use vegan pasta. Traditionally it is served mixed with a flat small pasta that is in the shape of small squares or cloths – krpice. You can make it without a lot of fuss. The dough is made with water and eggs, or only water. And you can use a pizza cutter to cut it into half inch or 1 cm squares.


1 big onion
1 small cabbage
flat pasta (mine is gluten free homemade krpice)
2 Tbsp of water

The procedure

Thinly slice or dice the onion. Shred the cabbage or cut it into the squares similar to the site of the pasta. Usually I shred mine, since that’s how I learned it. Heat a Tbsp oil in the pan, then salt the onions. Add a pinch of salt and sauce them until caramelised.

When the onions are fully caramelised (it takes a few minutes) add the cabbage on top of them and sauté some more until the cabbage is floppy. Then add 1tsp of salt and the two Tbsp of water and cover with the lid. Occasionally stir. And have patience. The cabbage needs to get brown. Not burned, just caramelised. This will make it taste piquant. You may need to adjust the heat slightly. It should be medium now. When done, add pepper and salt to taste.

While cabbage is caramelising cook the pasta. Then when the cabbage is completely brown and pasta is cooked strain the pasta and add it to the cabbage. The leftover water in the pasta will make it easier to stir, so don’t be to diligent in straining. You should add pepper to the cabbage before adding pasta, it is a bit easier to distribute the pepper. But other way around works as well. Check again for seasoning and adjust if needed.

Serve cabbage pasta in a bowl. Plain or with a dollop of fresh cheese or sour cream.


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