Recipe Book

All of the recipes that we cook, have cooked and will cook are here. My family recipes, that were handed down the generations, and some new recipes as well. There will also be some original ones.

Cream of Mushrooms Soup

Hi all,I thought I had already written the recipe for Cream of Mushrooms Soup. Appears not. Let’s correct that. This is one of the first soups I got from my Grandmas cookbook. Or cook-notebook to be precise. It was written by hand in her notebook, that had many of delicious recipes. Some of them I Read More >

Mushroom Goulash – goulash with mushrooms

Hi,this is one of the quintessential autumn comfy foods that I cook every year. Since we would go picking mushrooms in autumn, I associate fall with mushrooms. And thus crave this dish. It is a Croatian version of goulash, and uses bacon as a main fat. On fat rendered out of bacon we brown the Read More >

Cucumbers filled with cheese

Hi,we went to Croatia for our vacation. And I got my paws on some family recipes and some that I collected over the years. I am now starting to digitalise them, so they are easier to share between us girls, and also I will be able to share them with you 🙂 . The first Read More >

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Musaka – low carb family recipe

Hi,I recently realised that my family does musaka or moussaka differently than the rest, or at least the greek restaurants around me. One of the main differences being that we omit using béchamel sauce. We use only sour cream or combo of sour cream or yoghurt and egg. This makes our version low carb or Read More >

Mlinci – side dish combining flat bread and pasta

Hi guys,this weekend I really really wanted to eat mlinci (pronounced as mlintzi). So I found the recipe from my grandma, and I opted to share it with you. My family has always done them stovetop, but this time I’d bake them on the highest temp in the oven. Mlinci are a bit special, since Read More >

Cabbage pasta – my childhood fave

Hi all,my husband loathes this dish, so I make it only occasionally. But the trick to the cabbage pasta is to caramelise the onions and cabbage until the are brown This gives the cabbage a specific piquant aroma. It is very hard to describe. This dish is super easy to make in a vegan version, Read More >

Halloween punch

Hi,for our Halloween dinner party I wanted to make a cocktail. But since we were planning to have wine accompanying every dish, it sounded wise to make something alcohol free – thus halloween punch. I wanted it to be pomegranate based, and it turned out that half pomegranate half sour cherry is the way to Read More >

Whole sour cabbage – TAKE 1 – discovering the recipe

Hi,so I was talking to my Mum and asked her if she would be willing to make whole sour cabbage next year. And she said that I should make it myself. And then I asked her for the recipe and she said there is none. You just make it. After a while of talking to Read More >

Beet gnocchi – Gluten-free & naturally pink!

Hi,last year for our anniversary I made beet gnocchi. Apparently, hubby loved them so much that they will now be on our menu more often. They are best accompanied by simple butter sauce. Be it browned butter and sage sauce, or a white butter sauce, similar to Alfredo. Since they are delicate and sweeter tasting Read More >

Christmas lasagna – a homemade, tasty treat

Hi,while lasagnas are not a traditional Croatian fare for holidays, we are making our own family traditions. And since we love lasagna, we decided to make an extra decadent version for our Yule/Christmas table. We make everything from scratch – the green pasta, the meat sauce, and the bĂ©chamel. This is an all hands on Read More >