Mlinci – side dish combining flat bread and pasta

chicken on mlinci

Hi guys,
this weekend I really really wanted to eat mlinci (pronounced as mlintzi). So I found the recipe from my grandma, and I opted to share it with you. My family has always done them stovetop, but this time I’d bake them on the highest temp in the oven. Mlinci are a bit special, since you first bake them like you would tortillas, but then you dry them and lasty boil them in the water.

What are Mlinci?

Mlinci (you would pronounce it as mlintzi ) is a traditional side dish that is something between flat bread and pasta. It is first baked then cooked. The recipe is similar to the tortilla, and the procedure as well. 

The Recipe

3cups flour + 2 spoons fine flour,
one large egg,
1 teaspoon of salt
and water.

You need to get the dough so that it’s not sticky and in similar consistency to playdough. So you need to add enough water to get to that phase (my granny says she puts the same amount of water and egg). Next you would roll it out thinly (like tortillas) and bake it on the stove top. Some people put the oven to highest temp and then bake them in the oven, but my family has always made them on stove top. 

When they are baked, leave them a day or two to dry a bit more, then you can package them or use them. They will be quite tough at this time, and they should be. They should be able to crack. To use them first boil the water with salt. Then break mlinci a bit and put them in boiling water. Cook them for about a minute or two. Don’t cook them too much. Some people just put them in a bowl and pour the boiling water over them. When they have softened, take them out of the water. 

Dice an onion and saute it on lard (lard is traditionally used or if the bird is extra fatty then pan drippings are used, you can supstitute lard with butter. Oil is the last option). After onion is fully translucent, pour the lard and onion over mlinci and mix it in so that all of the mlinci are coated. Be careful not to mix them too much. You don’t want to mesh them up. The last thing is to serve them as a bed layer for your roast.

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