Do it yourself instructions and inspirations

Seed Book – the book of seed packets

Hi all, I wanted to find a way to carry my seeds to the garden a bit more easily. And also to close the opened seed packets a bit better. And I think I found it. I saw on Pinterest how some people store the seeds packets in the photo album, and thought “Ah, that’s Read More >

We fixed our tool shed roof – sort of

Hi all, The first winter storms peeled away our tool shed roof, and we had to fix it. Well, we did fix it, but we are not 100% sure we did that correctly. Today we had an extra-strong winter storm with hurricane winds, so if this roof withstood that, then we’re golden. I made a Read More >

Old Pond to New Pond – Part 3 – Lining pond and Filling it up

Hi,I finally managed to sit down and write the next part of the pond series. In part 3 we will give instructions on pond lining and filling. The lining will make our pond waterproof. For this part, you may need an extra set of hands. Depending on the size of the liner and your pond. Read More >

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Blackberry trellis – Sprucing up the blackberry area

How to control your blackberry bush with a blackberry trellis. It is similar to the one used in a wine yard. Pattern is included in post.

Bamboo pergola for climbing beans

Hi, in my garden design, I have designed a pergola that is stretching between the borders. It will house the climbing beans. In my original idea, I wanted to do it with copper or plastic installation pipes. But my husband put a veto on it, so I had to find a different solution. And the Read More >

Succulent in a Cork!

Hi!This winter I had made advent succulent basket and had some small leftover pieces of succulent. All except one I planted into miniature terracotta planters. That special one I planted into a bottle cork. After almost 6 months it has finally rooted. So I can finally say that this experiment was successful. This is how Read More >

Design Potager Garden

Hi,for my little veg patch I have big plans. I want to make it into a potager. Potager garden does require some planing and designing, and winter time is perfect to work on those. Here are my tips on how to design a potager garden. What is potager? Potager is a type of vegetable or Read More >