Do it yourself instructions and inspirations

Bamboo pergola for climbing beans

Hi, in my garden design, I have designed a pergola that is stretching between the borders. It will house the climbing beans. In my original idea, I wanted to do it with copper or plastic installation pipes. But my husband put a veto on it, so I had to find a different solution. And the Read More >

Succulent in a Cork!

Hi!This winter I had made advent succulent basket and had some small leftover pieces of succulent. All except one I planted into miniature terracotta planters. That special one I planted into a bottle cork. After almost 6 months it has finally rooted. So I can finally say that this experiment was successful. This is how Read More >

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Design Potager Garden

Hi,for my little veg patch I have big plans. I want to make it into a potager. Potager garden does require some planing and designing, and winter time is perfect to work on those. Here are my tips on how to design a potager garden. What is potager? Potager is a type of vegetable or Read More >

Advent succulent basket

Hi,since I’m a succulent and Xmas/Yule obsessed person. It seamed like a logical solution to combine the two things. So I came up with a simple and elegant Advent succulent basket. A bit different take on an Advent wreath. I may dress it up a bit more once when succulents become established.   Needed for Read More >

Herbwall – fresh herbs in small space

Hi, I like to use fresh herbs in my kitchen, and since I’m now living in an apartment, I don’t have huge amount of space. Luckily for me, I have a balcony – small, but big enough to house some plans. And for one wall I had a plan to make it herbwall. What’s a Read More >

Halloween invitation design

Hi, this year I’m making a Halloween party/dinner with Goth theme. I did a simple design of Halloween invitation in photoshop that follows that theme and will send out the invitations to my friends. It follows the Victorian invitation wording. I wanted to give you the option of adding your own text, since mine is Read More >

Wheelie bin shed from reclaimed wood

Hi, this week we did a bigger diy project. We finally made use of all of the pallets that we had in our yard and made a wheelie bin shed. A place we can store our wheelie bins (almost) out of sight and out of way. Usually after garbage day, my hubby would simply put Read More >

Building our brick barbecue

Hi, this isn’t exactly a spring post. you can do this in any season as long as the weather is nice, but this weekend we are finally building our brick barbecue. Next weekend will be the its first run 🙂 Can’t wait! What we are using old bricks that we have because we took down Read More >

Clematis Fever and Fence

OH I love clematis! I’m crazy about clematis! Can’t wait for them to bloom! I just purchased two clematis plants one is Ville de Lyon and other is Summer Snow. I had to make an obstacle for my cat to stop jumping from terrace to my neighbour’s roof so I used the mesh that is Read More >