Carrot centerpiece with tulips

Carrot centerpiece on the table

I think carrot centerpieces are well known now. And my hubby really liked how they look, so I created a simple carrot centerpiece for our Easter table. Here is how to make it 🙂

Needed things for carrot centerpiece

1 big colander vase
1 smaller glass or vase in glass form – the diameter of the smaller glass should be the size of the diameter of the big vase minus the double carrot diameter

enough carrots to circumvent the big glass on the inside
5-6 green sweet Williams (Dianthus Barbatus ‘Green Ball’)

This centerpiece is a case of deception – the smaller glass or vase should not be seen from the outside. This is how to do it. First take the big vase and put 4 carrots on sides of the big glass vase as in 4 sides of the world. Then put the smaller glass in the middle of the carrots. Then start adding more carrots inside the big vase and around the smaller one. You may need to lift the glass in order to add and adjust the carrots. It is best if most carrots are not really touching the bottom or at least don’t look like that they are relying on their tails to stand up.

When all of the carrots are in their places, take the scissors and cut their leaves. At least the ones that are droopy. I left just a little bit of the smaller leaves that are upright, so they blend in with sweet Williams. Add water to the big glass and small glass. Make sure that you have a 1 cm (1/2 “) gap between the water and the rim of the small glass.

Adding the flowers

Next, we will add our greens, which are in this case sweet williams. Measure them so that they are making the grid inside the small glass. They should form a thick green cloud on top of the carrots as if they are the leaves of the carrots. When this is done and you are happy with how it looks, start adding the tulips. I left one tulip leaf per tulip so that they add some extra height. I also like the way they look. You are done with your centerpiece when you are happy how it looks like 🙂 Put it in the center of the table and set the table around it. Voila! 🙂

Carrot centerpiece
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Carrot centerpiece
How to create a carrot centerpiece with tulips. Let's play hide the little glass. This centerpiece consists of only carrots, sweet Williams and tulips, but it's looking magnificent!
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Seasons in Garden
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