Succulent in a Cork!

Succulent in a cork!

This winter I had made advent succulent basket and had some small leftover pieces of succulent. All except one I planted into miniature terracotta planters. That special one I planted into a bottle cork. After almost 6 months it has finally rooted. So I can finally say that this experiment was successful. This is how I planted succulent in a cork.

Needed things

1 bottle cork per succulent
small succulent(s)
screwdriver or drill with drill bit
planting soil
sturdy string

Step 1

First let’s prepare our wine cork planter. In order for our succulent in a cork to root we have to put it on a little bit of soil.
Using drill or screwdriver drill the hole in the cork. Make sure not to pierce the bottom of the cork, the cork should be able to hold he soil inside.

Step 2

Tightly press planing soil into the cork. Put the cork in a container with water and let it soak up as much as possible.

Step 3

Plant the succulent on the soil and secure it with the string.

Step 4

Water it every two to three days until it roots itself. Every month do a big watering by soaking the cork in water for at least half an hour. When it has rooted remove the string and if desired hot glue a magnet to the cork so it can stick to the fridge as a wine cork magnet.

Succulent Care

To care for your succulent in cork, i suggest to grow it indoors as a houseplant. It will need watering every one to two weeks and it would be good if you submerge or float the cork in water every once in a while.

Succulent in a Cork!
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Succulent in a Cork!
How to grow succulent in a cork! A simple DIY project that has the cutest result. Plus you get to drink wine :)
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Seasons in Garden
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