Advent succulent basket

since I’m a succulent and Xmas/Yule obsessed person. It seamed like a logical solution to combine the two things. So I came up with a simple and elegant Advent succulent basket. A bit different take on an Advent wreath. I may dress it up a bit more once when succulents become established.


Needed for Advent succulent basket

What you would need for something like this is:

  • one small basket (I used the one that came with store bought tomatoes)
  • one small plastic bag or some piece of plastic to stop the soil from spilling and to protect the wooden basket
  • succulents of your choice
  • planting medium like coir or some other soil
  • candles in a colour of your choice
  • decorations that you like (but I suggest adding them a bit later on)

First lay the plastic in the basket so you cover most of the area. Don’t worry if a piece of plastic that is sticking out at this point. You will cut that out later. Now put the soil into to basket, and make sure to push it into every corner. Then cut of that piece of plastic that is sticking out of the basket (if there’s one). Now carefully stick the candles into the soil in the basket. They may be a bit wobbly but the plants will stabilize them more. 

Planting the succulents

We will now start with planting the succulents. If your basket doesn’t have a handle then you just plant the plants where they fit and look their best. If your basket has a handle (like mine does), then make sure not to plant the succulent directly under the handle, unless it’s a narrow handle. Mine is a bit wide, so I made sure not to stick the plants so the shadow falls and covers them. When everything is filled to your liking leave the box on the window sill, so plants establish them selves. 

A bit more embelishment

After a week or two, your plants should now be established enough. You can add some more decorations to them. Choose something that you really like. I like it this way, and will go with the simplicity of succulents and candles. Enjoy the Advent succulent basket all season, and after the Xmas/Yule season in over, remove the candles and decorations and leave the succulents in their basket or plant them out. You can reuse the same basket with same plants next year. Just change the candles and decorations 🙂

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