We fixed our tool shed roof – sort of

Hi all,

The first winter storms peeled away our tool shed roof, and we had to fix it. Well, we did fix it, but we are not 100% sure we did that correctly. Today we had an extra-strong winter storm with hurricane winds, so if this roof withstood that, then we’re golden. I made a small report video about it, so you can see how we did that. I would love to get your comments on what we did wrong and how we could improve it more.

The problem

Our tool shed came with a stick-on shingle type of roof. We have installed it about two years ago. This roof had to withstand a lot of temperature changes, hot sun, and strong winds. This year it looked a bit worse for wear, and we were already thinking about replacing it. Then came the storm.

This storm peeled away one side of the roof, and we were happy that we could find it in the garden. We already had cases where the various bits and pieces were completely blown away from our garden, and we had to search for them.
Well, the time to fix the roof has come. Even though this is a small tool shed we cannot leave it without water tight roof. All our tools will get wet.

The solution

We opted to fix our roof with something more stable than shingle. I wanted to use metal roofing, but after a lot of discussions, Grumpy persuaded me to go with the plastic one. We already had some experience with this roofing, so why not. We thought we purchased enough materials, and made our way to the garden to start the fixing.

Here’s a video of how we did that:

How we fixed / messed with our tool shed roof

As usual, we forgot to bring all of the tools we needed, so this small project stretched to two days. The fact that it was raining did not help. The first day we managed to fasten the sides of the roofing to the roof so that the upcoming rain did not seep through the roof that easily. And the second day we remembered to bring all of the tools and finalized the project.

So far it’s looking good 🙂

The future

Today we had an extra-strong winter storm with hurricane-force winds. This is a real challenge for our roof. Tomorrow we will check to see if it’s still there. If it is, we still have some improvements planned for our little shed:

the rainwater preservation
window – currently we are using a plastic sheet and some net on the window hole

We will see what the upcoming years hold for our little shed. Until the next project, take care 🙂

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