How to propagate strawberries

Small strawberry plant in its container

in this post, we will show you how to propagate strawberries using their runners. This type of propagation will work for any type of strawberry that produces runners. Those that don’t produce runners can be propagated via seeds. But that is a different topic.

This is a small and quick project that you can do indoors or outdoors, and the children can help you. The most difficult part is making the pins. You can make them from wire, or from paper clips. This might be the only thing that kids won’t be able to do themselves. So let’s start!

Needed things to propagate strawberries

Strawberry with runners
1 pot with soil per little plant on the runner
2 pins or clips per little plant

I created the pins by bending the wire and cutting it to size. You can also use paper clips. Straighten the paper clip then bend it to the shape of the pin. Simple as that. You’re now ready to propagate strawberries! 🙂

The procedure cannot be more simple than this. Pin the little plant on top of the soil and secure it with the pins. Do the same with all other little plants.

Here is the video on how to propagate strawberries.

Propagating strawberries via their runners has been a favorite pastime when I was little. It did give my mum a headache with this. Because I would put the yogurt glasses with strawberry plants in them on our terrace concrete fence. And no one was allowed to move them. You can do this with your kids, I am quite sure they will enjoy propagating their own strawberries 🙂

How to propagate strawberries
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How to propagate strawberries
How to propagate strawberries that produce runners. A simple project that kids will enjoy.
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Seasons in Garden
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