Seed Book – the book of seed packets

Seed Book

Hi all,

I wanted to find a way to carry my seeds to the garden a bit more easily. And also to close the opened seed packets a bit better. And I think I found it. I saw on Pinterest how some people store the seeds packets in the photo album, and thought “Ah, that’s nice! I want that!”. The problem was that I did not have a photo album that could house my seed packets. And I hate photo albums, so I decided to make a booklet. This is how I did it.


Like all good recipes, it starts with ingredients list, but this time, not the edible ones 🙂

A5 size thin plywood pieces (I used hobby soft plywood)
Book rings, separate or bound by the backing, I have the bound ones
Ribbon or cord for closing the booklet
Wood oil or paint for wood protection
Paper clips for seed packets (big ones, I used 3″ to 7,7 cm ones. But 2″ or 5cm ones will suffice)

Tools we need are:

Drill with small bits for wood
cloth or brushes for the oil or paint

How to make a seed book

First I clamped the two pieces of plywood together. These are me front and back covers. Then I marked the holes through which my book rings will go through. The rings I have are very cheap, and are not perfectly welded to their backing, so perfect measurements made no sense. The easiest way was to measure the centre of the board. Then push the rings into the wood so they make a dent. Since I am using soft wood, this was super easy. The I took the square measure (or triangle), and made sure that they all are on the same line.

The next step was easy – drill the holes for the rings. Then drill the hole(s) for the cod or ribbon at the bottom of the booklet.

After that protect the wood with the protection of your choice and let it dry.

Assembling the seed book

When my wood is dry I will start to assemble the seed book. First I will add the wood rings to the top of the book. Then add my cord/ribbon to the bottom of the boards, this will enable me to safely close the book.

Next open the book completely and start adding the seed packets. I chose to go with the ring combo that has 3 rings so that the seed packets of various sizes easily fit into it. Depending on the size of the packet, I will add one to three paper clips to the top of the packet. If it was opened before I will first bend the top to close it better and then put the clips.

Attach the packets to the book rings using the top of the paper clip. And voila! The seed book is done!

I can’t wait to take it to the garden. Around the house it is working perfectly, but in the garden will be a real test. If I had used the correct wood protection it should not be a problem. I like that the book sides clamp the seed packets, and make it now run all around. I think I will also loose less seeds this way. Time will tell 🙂

See you soon with the next project 🙂

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