T-L-T sandwiches – crunchy turkey does the trick

T-L-T sandwiches


for my birthday we wanted to go for a picnic. We packed up everything and at the last minute decided to stay home. But these T-L-T sandwiches – short for turkey lettuce and tomato sandwiches were perfect – crunchy and refreshing at the same time. Turkey is fried with crunchy cornflakes breading, tomato and mayo provide the moistness that the sandwich needs, and lettuce is the perfect barrier to keep the turkey crunchy. This is how I made them.

Needed for T-L-T sandwiches

Turkey schnitzels – or turkey breast that you cut into schnitzel pieces
1-2 Tbsp gluten-free flour or corn starch
1 large egg
1 cup cornflakes crushed to crumbs
2 tomatoes sliced
lettuce leaves
gluten-free buns
salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper

To prepare the turkey for the sandwiches salt and pepper the turkey, then also add a bit of salt and pepper and cayenne to the flour. Make a three-step breading station and bread the turkey schnitzels. Then pan fry them in oil and a little butter (completely optional but does add a bit of aroma). When the turkey is done leave it to cool a bit on a wire rack and then start the assembly.

Make the Sandwiches

Now that we have everything ready, let’s start making the sandwiches. Cut the turkey schnitzels into strips (if your schnitzels are small then you can leave them whole).

Cut open your buns, and smother them with mayo. Then on the bottom piece put tomato slices. On top of the tomato goes lettuce. Make sure there is enough lettuce to prevent the turkey from touching the tomato slices. Then on top of the lettuce put fried turkey. The top with the top piece of the bun.

Then wrap T-L-T sandwiches in wax paper and string and take them on a picnic, or simply enjoy them as soon as they are assembled 🙂

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T-L-T sandwiches - crunchy turkey does the trick
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