Fresh Cheese and Cheddar Dip

Fresh cheese & cheddar dip

I learned simple fresh cheese dip when I was a kid. My parents would serve that with fried flatbreads. I modified it a bit by adding in grated cheddar and herb to create this tasty fresh cheese and cheddar dip. It requires no cooking. You only have to chop up some herbs, mix everything in, and season to taste.

Needed things for Fresh Cheese and Cheddar Dip

This dip in the original version is just fresh cheese whipped with sour cream and salt to make a thick dip that you would dip charcuterie in or fried flatbreads. This version has a bit more ingredients, but can be served with the same dishes.

Here is the video instruction on how to make the dip

250 g Fresh Cheese
1 small cup sour cream
50 g freshly grated cheddar
small bunch of fresh flat leaved parsley
small bunch of chives
salt and pepper

Chop parsley and chives and add to a mixing bowl. Add sour cream and half of the fresh cheese, then whisk it till smooth. If cheese is nice and creamy and the dip is not thick enough add the rest of the fresh cheese and whisk again. Then add the grated cheddar and whisk it in. Season to taste with salt and pepper. I like it a bit more salty. So I usually put a bit more salt than needed.

Transfer the finished dip to serving dish and cool it down before serving. Serve fresh cheese an cheddar dip with flat breads, cornbread cubes or any snacks you would like to dip. If you make it a bit more salty I would not serve it with chips.


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