What tools I use for garden design

it is wintertime, and thus the perfect time to think about new features in the garden. Besides planting tomatoes and chilis, I spend my time thinking about what I can build or change in the garden. In case you are wondering what are my tools for garden design, here is the answer 🙂

My Garden Design Tools

Even though we are now in the age of internet and web and mobile apps. I still use the old school pen and paper. I have my little block with a square grid and I draw all my ideas inside. However, I did try to do the garden design with a graphic tablet. And I tried several online garden designers. I even programmed a little web garden designer on this site, but honestly, I get the best ideas when using pen and paper.

Also, I use a pen. Not a pencil, but a pen. When I use a pencil I don’t pay as much attention as I should and then end up erasing things time after time. I had occasions where I would erase almost full design, only to decide I actually liked it. So I stopped using pencils and switched to pens.

True, with pens you cannot erase things. Pens make stuff more permanent. But because I can’t erase one design, I can, later on, come back and recheck it. It proved to be a very, very good thing on more than one occasion. If you make a big mistake, you can remove the paper. But I rarely do. Sometimes mistakes give you inspiration when you have none. That said – do NOT keep everything. No need to clutter and hoard. If you have 5 papers with one or two lines on them, for god’s sake, get rid of them! I use them to start the fire in the barbecue. They have a good purpose.


There is a myriad of options for you when you decide to design your garden. There are a lot of online tools that can be used, but what you will use is a personal choice. The right tool for you is the one that allows you to quickly sketch out your ideas and does not extinguish your creativity. For me, this tool is old paper and pen. But try one of the online tools to see how they fit you before you get stuck with an old paper and pen. The most important thing is to enjoy the process. So make yourself comfy and start designing 🙂

What I use for garden design
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What I use for garden design
What I use for garden design and what I tried. What to store and what to discard from garden design heap.
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