Sinister Arrangement of Dead Plants

Sinister looking arrangement with dead plants

winter is on it’s way and the meadows are filled with dead dry plants. So In order to celebrate the beginning of winter and Halloween I made a simple dry meadow plant sinister arrangement. I actually picked them on our way home, I made my husband stop the car when we approached an easy to access area. Just walking a little distance of the path allowed me to pick dead thistle plants, dried wild carrot flowers etc. I picked the plants that looked appealing to me. And made sure to spread their seeds, so next year they can grow.


Here’s how to assemble our arrangement.

First plants to go into our arrangement are the ones that have the most branches. They will provide us with the mesh that we will use to put other plants in. When you added enough of the bushy plants. Start adding the dried carrot flowers and dried cow parsley flowers. 

After the carrot flowers I added the dried golden rod flowers/seeds. The last ones to go were thistles. Since thistles are prickly if you put them earlier, they get in the way of adding other plants.

I chose to use a bit tumbler vase for this arrangement, I liked how bare the plants look in it. It’s like looking at their skeletons. You can use whatever vessel or vase you like.

If you want to dress this up for Halloween, you can add a couple of plastic spiders and spider nets to the top of the arrangement. But I enjoy it more in its bareness.

Have fun and give this easy and cheap sinister arrangement a chance. It will last you a whole winter long 🙂

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