Growing tomatoes video – big news!

Growing tomatoes on windowsill with amaranth and cucumbers

finally, after years of persuasion and thinking about it we have made a big step and opened a YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel is called, like our blog, Season in Garden. No surprise there. BUT, the surprise that you will get if you visit it is our latest video. It is about growing tomatoes from seeds.

How to use seeding pods

Seeding pods are pallets or tablets made of compacted peat, coir or sphagnum moss. Some come with fleece around them so you don’t need to use any extra container except a waterproof tray. To use them you first have to water them and let them soak up the water. They will expand and fluff up as they soak up the water, and in about 5 minutes they will be ready for sowing.

What will we show you in growing tomatoes video

In this video, we will show you how to use seeding pods from coconut coir. The pods we are using already have fleece on them, so no special container is needed.

Growing tomatoes from seeds using coconut coir seeding pods

If you have seeding pods that don’t have the fleece around them, then put them INTO a pot BEFORE watering them. Trust me. I had the pleasure of scraping them into the nursing bag with a spoon. Seeds did not like that. 🙁 Anyway, this video will show you how to use coconut coir seeding pods that have the fleece. So check it out, and let us know how you like it.

For more information check out the video, and we’ll see you soon with video nr. 2 🙂

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