All about carrot Easter menu

It's all about carrot easter menu

Hi, for this all about the carrot Easter menu I will make, as the name suggests, a carrot loaded menu. On my dinner menu are some things I made before that we found delicious and one new thing for me – carrot cake. I did make a carrot cake before, but I had some strange recipe and it did not taste good. So this time I will give a standard carrot cake a try.

All about carrot Breakfast

For breakfast, I plan to make a carrot and orange fresh juice. And will try to see if I can make orange eggs. I like to use natural dyes, so this may be a bit of a challenge. I will make some green ones as well. If they don’t work out, then I will make deviled eggs with orange filling. I will again make my grandma’s cheese bread and we will have traditional spring onions and ham.

All about carrot Easter menu

For the main part of the day I will make these:

  1. Parchment baked carrot soup
  2. Herbed lamb with glazed carrots, pea puree, and dauphinoise potatoes
  3. carrot cake

Since the carrot will be present in all of the dishes and dessert, I will also decorate with carrots. Mario likes how the bouquets with carrot look like, so I will make one for our table. The table linen will be my standard white tablecloth and I will use paper napkins in carrot orange color. I think this will be carroty enough for one day 🙂

The cooking plan

All of this will need a bit of planning and time management. Everything I can do in front I will do. So the next 3-day action plan will be in motion:

Day 1

make carrot cake layers
make carrot decorations for carrot cake
clean house
prepare table decorations that are not flowers

Day 2

make cream cheese frosting
bake dauphinoise potatoes until they are soft. we will finish them the next day
make fresh carrot and orange juice and store it in the fridge
make the batter for grandma’s bread and put in into a mold then store in the fridge until baking time
create the herbed crust for lamb
decorate the table
make carrot soup

Day 3

it is easter, so we are ready for finals

in the morning:
after waking up put the bread into the oven and bake
prepare carrots and asparagus
serve breakfast with freshly baked bread

dinner time:
sear the meat and let it cool
put the crust on the meat and put the meat into the oven
when meat is almost done put in the potatoes for a final bake
glaze carrots in butter and a little bit of brown sugar
make pea puree
heat carrot soup

As the last task of the day – serve the dinner and enjoy! 🙂

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All about carrot Easter menu
What we will have this easter for dinner and breakfast. How we will decorate the table and the cooking action plan to make the cooking a breeze.
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