Valentine 2021 menu – light and simple

Happy Valentines day

for Valentine 2021 my husband wished for a simple menu, preferably with no meat. So I opted to go with dishes we loved and that had the look for Valentine’s day. I also did not want to spend hours in the kitchen. I offered a couple of options to my husband for a quick main dish, and to my surprise, he chose the beet gnocchi. Apparently, even though he hates beets, he loves beet gnocchi. They were tasty last time I made them, and have an added bonus of beet fiber and color. It goes well with simple butter sauce, and the dish is done almost the same minute that gnocchi is boiled, leaving you more time to enjoy your evening. So let’s start!

The menu

We have 3 dishes all together this year:

  1. Bruschetta – simple and finished in minutes, high quality ingredients make this dish shine
  2. Beet gnocchi – suit the occasion well with pink color, served with simple butter sauce
  3. Japanese cheesecake – light and fluffy, accompanied with raspberries and sparkling wine. This year  I will serve it with raspberry coulis

For appetizer hubby wished for bruschetta, the simplest version – bread, oil, and garlic. Nothing fancy, no recipe needed. Toast the bread, rub with garlic, and dip or brush with olive oil. Done! Make sure you use high-quality olive oil for this, the flavor will show. Since there won’t be any tomatoes or cheese on top, everything needs to be top-notch.

The rest of the dishes are easy as well and only have few ingredients. The most annoying time is waiting for beets to roast. But if you have a microwave it can be done in minutes.

I wish you all a happy and delicious Valentine’s 2021. And I hope you give this menu a try. The beets gnocchi may surprise you 🙂