Mushroom gravy

Mushroom gravy on a plate

I love mushrooms. They are tasty gems of the forest floor. And the best combination for me is turkey with mushrooms – thus the mushroom gravy – perfect company for thanksgiving turkey.

Needed for mushroom gravy

button mushrooms – I prefer brown
dried mushrooms
turkey scraps
potato flour or some other smooth flour
butter & oil

We will do the preparation in a couple of steps. The first step will be the preparation of the base. The second step will include the finishing touches and thickening of sauce.

Step 1 – preparing the mushroom gravy base

For the base of the mushroom gravy heat the water in the water heater. Then put the dried mushrooms into a cup and pour the water over them. Leave them to steep while you prepare the rest.

Chop onion, carrot, and celery to a similar size. Then leave them on the side while you brown the turkey scraps. If you don’t have the turkey scraps heat the butter (or oil if you want to make vegan version) and then add the veggies. Don’t forget to season with a bit of salt and pepper.

Brown the turkey scraps on a little bit of butter. Then take them out and add a bit more butter and oil and brown the veggies. When veggies are nice and soft pour the water in which dried mushrooms have been steeping. Cook it for 5 more minutes then leave it on the side while the turkey is done.

Step 2 – finishing touches to mushroom gravy

If you are making this with turkey then, after the turkey is out of the oven, deglaze the turkey’s pan with the strained gravy base.

Chop the button mushroom into slices, then saute them on a Tbsp of butter. Salt with a pinch of salt and cook the mushrooms until the juice has evaporated. When the mushrooms are done take them out of the pot and start making the rue in the same pot.

In a pot you cooked mushrooms in, add one Tbsp butter and 1 tsp oil and 1 tsp flour or starch. Then make a brown rue, by cooking the flour until browned. Be careful not to burn the flour.

When flour is brown enough strain the gravy base to the rue and cook until thickened. Lastly, add in the cooked mushrooms and adjust the seasoning if needed. To make it really shiny after it has cooled down a little add 1 tsb cold butter and which it in until melted. And the mushroom gravy is done!

Vegan version

Omit the turkey and butter. This gravy is excellent in a vegan version as well. If I am making it as a vegetarian/vegan sauce I add 1 tsp of gluten-free soy sauce. It adds a bit more umami. The rest is the same. I would serve it with rice or potato or pumpkin puree. To be honest, if you pack in more mushrooms not much more is needed for a tasty meal.

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