Parsnip Soup – Winter Revisited

Parsnip soup

I have been trying to cook parsnip soup entire winter. And now at the end of the winter I finally got to it. This soup is smooth, full of taste and sweetness. Parsnip is a tasty winter veg that develops its sweetness if left in cold. So usually when I buy it then i leave it in the bottom of the fridge for couple of days, or outside if the temperatures are low. Parsnip soup is naturally sweet, so you can either embrace the sweetness and add even a bit of honey to emphasize the sweetness, or if you are not fan of sweetness add a bit of yoghurt to tone it down. 

Needed Things

500 g (1 lb) parsnips
3 small potatoes
1/2 tsp mustard
salt, pepper
garden cress
1 Tbsp yoghurt or honey
green tabasco souce

Clean the parsnips and potatoes. Chop veggies to same size cubes and put them in pot. Pour the water to just about the height of the veggies and top on with milk, season with salt and pepper. Then boil the veggies until they are tender.

Add mustard and Blend until smooth. Adjust the acidity with yoghurt if you wish to have a bit more zingy soup, or add a spoon of honey if you wish to add more sweetness to the soup. Add 5 drops of green tabasco and serve. Garnish with green tabasco and garden cress. Enjoy!

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