Pistachio cupcakes – Green Vegan Delight

Pistachio Cupcakes - Green Vegan Delight

this is a dessert that is completely Vegan. And delicious. Sweet, tasty, nutty … perfect. The texture is creamy, because pistachio is high in fat, there is no need for extra cream. I added just a white glaze made from almond and coconut milk and sugar. With some chopped pistachios for garnish. Because of their natural green colour they are suitable for St. Patrick’s day or Eostra desserts.

Needed Things

100 g pistachios
100 g almonds
50 g gluten free flour or starch (potato or rice flour. with rice flour cake would be more dry)
1 cup plant based milk (my favourite are coconut and almond or combo of two)
tsp baking powder
25 g brown sugar
1 Tbsp powder sugar
1 tsp plant based milk for glaze
Tbsp chopped pistachios
vanilla (extract, paste or bean)

The baking of pistachio cupcakes

First ground pistachios and almonds until almost flour like. Add the flour or starch and baking powder, and thoroughly mix with nuts. Add vanilla, then add enough milk to make a mixture that is consistency of cake batter. Prepare the muffin molds by lining them with baking paper. Spoon the batter in molds and bake in over heated to 160 °C approx 10 minutes.

Decorating the cakes

Leave the cakes to cool completely, then mix a thick glaze from milk and powdered sugar. Then drip the glaze onto the pistachio cupcakes and decorate with chopped pistachios. If you want girly cup cakes then decorate them with edible flowers such as pansies. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

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