Red Currant Syrup Recipe

Red Currant Syrup Juice

like i mentioned in post Sour Cherry Syrup. We raided my Mums backyard and brought back some red currants. Red currants are my favourite fruit ever since I was a little girl. I enjoy their tartness and their taste. And they look like little rubies. So naturally one of my favourite juices is red currant juice. Unfortunately my Mum does not like to make red currant syrup, and it usually takes a lot of effort to make her do anything else to red currants other then freezing. I did froze some of them, but others were destined for red currant syrup and red currant jelly. So in order to make the red currant juice, I use my Mums universal fruit syrup recipe. Basically you can use it on any fruit and elder flower. Here it is

Recipe for red currant syrup

3 kg fruit (red currants),
2 l water,
5 dkg (500 g) citron acid
1 kg sugar per 1 L juice

Mix the fruit with water and citron acid. Mull it and leave at least 24 hrs. After 24 hours strain the juice and measure. Add the same amount of sugar as there is liquid. Discard the solids. Dissolve the sugar by mixing and bottle the syrup in sterilized bottles when all of the sugar is dissolved. Taste and adjust the amount of sugar if needed.

Enjoy 🙂

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