Spinach soup – green and creamy

Spinach soup granished with cucumber flower

since March is the green month I made a green soup. Spinach soup. The soup is gluten-free, thickened with egg yolk. Currently I only make a vegetarian version with milk and egg yolk. There might be a chance to make it vegan, but I am not sure which milk to use in that case. If you try to make it in a vegan version, let me know.

Ingredients for Spinach soup

500 g spinach
1 egg yolk
1/4 cup milk
1 carrot
1 small potato
2 spring onions
salt, pepper
yogurt and cucumber flower for decoration (optional)

We will start by making a simple veggie stock by sauteing spring onions and carrots in oil for about 5-10 min. Then add one small potato cut in small squares. Add 3 cups water and let it cook until the veggies are completely soft. Then add the spinach and then the spinach is soft (only takes 2 mins) put milk to blender and add the soup. Blend it until completely smooth and green. Then transfer about 80% of soup to the pot but don’t heat it up. Add the egg yolk to the blender and blend. until completely combined. Then add to the rest of the soup and mix. If your soup is 60 °C and above you don’t have to heat it back up. If it is below 60 °C than heat it up slowly, on low heat with constant stirring to reach 60 °C and above. If you are not careful enough, the egg yolk will curdle.

To serve the soup I decorate it with yogurt and cucumber flower. First, carefully drip yogurt on top of the soup. Then with skewer go through the blobs of yogurt in the same direction to create a leaf shape (I would say from the top of the blob to bottom). Add the flower across the yogurt leaves.

This soup can be enjoy hot or cold. It tastes amazing in any version. It is super creamy thanks to the egg yolk and beautifully green because of the spinach. The more spinach you use the greener it will be!

Enjoy! 🙂

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