Sweet potato slips from scraps

Hi all,
we eat more and more sweet potatoes every year. You can say we have become huge lovers of sweet potato. And are constantly using it in the kitchen. I even started to put sweet potato in the stews instead of normal potato. Goulash with sweet potato is vicious delicious. So this year I wanted to try and grow my own. And the first step is to get some sweet potato slips. Since I was not able to find them in the centres near me, I decided to make my own.

How to grow sweet potato slips

This is yet another one of those simple things that anyone can do. And usually people put a whole sweet potato in a jar of water and it starts growing the slips. But I like to eat the sweet potato, so I opted to make my slips from the scraps. Namely tops and bottoms of the sweet potato. For Valentine’s Day I made us a vicious delicious vegan appetiser from the sweet potato. It was so delish that Grumpy said I have to make it the first occasion we have guests. He gave it 10. Can you believe it! Weeeeeeee 🙂

So I had a top of the sweet potato laying around, and I though:”Well, since it is just laying around.. I can put it in a glass”. So that’s what I did.

After I first let it rest for a day because I forgot about it after the lunch 🙂 Ooops! But no worries, it will still work. All I have to do is put it into the glass and set it on the window sill. And let it grow. It won’t product a huge amount of slips as a whole sweet potato would, but I need only 2-3 slips, max 4 to put into my future raised bed. No need for 20 of them. For now …

When your sweet potato slips have grown and let down one roots, you can remove them from the sweet potato scrap. And if it is too early to plant it outside, then plan them in the pots indoors until the last day of frost has passed. Then when the last day of frost has passed plant them in the garden and let them grow into the sweet potato 😛 I can’t wait for the harvest 🙂

Here is a little video how I grew my slips.

See you soon 🙂

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