BOO-licious pizza for Halloween

BOO-licious pizza

this Halloween I decided to do a nice dinner for me and hubby. And since pizza is always welcome, I decided to make some boo-licious pizzas. These would also be great for children because they are adorned with mozzarella ghosts. I opted for two versions – one is full of mushrooms and with tomato sauce. The other one is white pizza with bacon and pumpkin – full Halloween pizza.

Needed for BOO-licious pizzas

2 mozzarella cheeses (preferably bufala)
grated emmentaler cheese
tomato sauce
pizza dough – gluten free, you can find my recipe in this post
100g mushrooms – mix or button mushrooms
cooked ham
1 small hokaido pumpkin
black olives for ghost eyes


Before we start assembling our pizza slice the mozzarella and put aside. Wash hokaido, half it and remove the seeds. Then using the potato peeler slice it in thin strips. Also slice the mushrooms and your ham if it is not sliced. Also grate the cheese. When you have everything prepared start with the assembly. Make sure your oven is heated to 225°C

Mushroom pizza

Stretch the dough to desired shape. Then smear the tomato sauce on top, leaving the edge without sauce. Put the ham on top and put the mushrooms. Then put it to oven and bake it till mushrooms let out the juice and their juice evaporates. Then quickly top it up with cheese and bake it till almost done. Top it up with mozzarella and bake it for a couple of more minutes till pizza is done and mozzarella is melted but not browned.

Pumpkin pizza

For pumpkin pizza stretch the dough to desired shape. Then smear creme fraiche on top, season with rosemary, salt and pepper. Top it with bacon and grated cheese . Bake it in oven until it edges start to colour. Then add the pumpkin slices and bake till almost done. Top it up with mozzarella slices and bake it until done and mozzarella is just melted.

Bring ghosts to life

To make the mozzarella ghosts quarter black olives length wise and then cut them to triangles. Arrange them on mozzarella so they look like eyes and mouth. The cut the pizza so each slice has a ghost on it and your boo-licious pizzas are ready.

Happy Halloween 🙂

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