Springtime soup with pasta or noodles


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Springtime soup with asparagus

Springtime soup with pasta or noodles

Hi, this is completely vegetarian, extremely delicious springtime soup. It gives you strength and power and vitamins. So without further ado let’s make the soup! Needed for springtime soup 1 big onion 1 huge carrot 3 stalks of celery 2 asparagus stalks gluten free pasta 1 tsp tomato paste or puree water salt, pepper, dry Read More >

Muesli Parfait with berries

Muesli parfait with berries

Hi, this easy muesli parfait dessert is great after breakfast or brunch. But you can also use it as a light dessert after lunch or dinner. For me it can also be a simple fruity breakfast. It’s not very sweet but not very tart. Just the perfect balance of two. Muesli Parfait Needed Things Oatmeal Read More >

I can’t believe it’s so easy Mother’s day brunch

Hi, I was discussing with my hubby what could we do for this weekend, and it turned out this weekend is Mother’s day. So I thought to give you a suggestion on what to do to make your Mum feel special. My Mum is thousand kilometers away (literally) but this easy Mother’s day brunch is Read More >

Sunny sandwiches for breakfast or brunch

Hi, these simple sunny sandwiches are great for brunch or breakfast. I don’t suggest using them for picnics because they have a fried egg in them and are not really easy for transport. But If you want to have something delicious and nutricious for your breakfast, then I suggest these. Ingredients for sunny sandwiches Sandwich Read More >

Herbwall under the rooftop

Herbwall – fresh herbs in small space

Hi, I like to use fresh herbs in my kitchen, and since I’m now living in an apartment, I don’t have huge amount of space. Luckily for me, I have a balcony – small, but big enough to house some plans. And for one wall I had a plan to make it herbwall. What’s a Read More >

romantic fuchsia table setting

Romantic fuchsia table for two

Hi, For this May celebration I didn’t wanted to do barbecue. The weather wasn’t very stable, and we still didn’t have the grill. So instead of making something that will take all day I opted to do a simple romantic fuchsia table for tea time with our fuchsia plant as an inspiration. KISS – keep Read More >

Easy picnic table proposal

Easy Picnic Menu for a day at a park

Hi! Before leaving for Germany again, we decided to have a little picnic with our friends from @blueturpentine. For this easy picnic I opted to do a simple but tasty onion tart, and blueberry and raspberry cupcakes (let’s call them berrylicious). This is the full menu of the picnic we had. Easy Picnic Menu Simple Read More >

Onion tart on picnic

Onion Tart for picnic or lunch

Hi! This was the onion tart we carried with us to our picnic. It was very delicious and isn’t too hard to make. IT consists of bread or pizza dough, fresh cheese mixture and sauteed onions with chopped sausage. To be honest, the sausage wasn’t necessary, the sauteed onions give enough flavour, so you can Read More >

Layered salad

Layered salad with yoghurt dressing

Hi, this is the layered salad we took with us on a picnic. It’s extremely easy to make with the toughest part being boiling the eggs. Very fast, light and delicious. For our picnic I put it in a jar, but you can actually layer it in the clear glass bowl. Layered salad recipe 1/2 Read More >

Berrylicious cupcakes

Berrylicious cupcakes recipe

Hi! These berrylicious cupcakes have everything we love in them. They are a work in progress, since I always keep experimenting with best gluten free muffin recipe. They consist of chocolate muffin, cream cheese frosting and mixed berries on top. The muffins are done using chocolate, NOT cacao. This may sound strange, but my mum Read More >