Of Brambles and Composters

Hello,even though I did not write anything for some time, we were quite busy in the garden. Mostly with weeding. We attacked the area where our old composters were. One was completely engulfed in brambles, the other was still useable. And boy, was that a fight! Compost and Brambles The area where the old composters Read More >

Beet gnocchi – Gluten-free & naturally pink!

Hi,last year for our anniversary I made beet gnocchi. Apparently, hubby loved them so much that they will now be on our menu more often. They are best accompanied by simple butter sauce. Be it browned butter and sage sauce, or a white butter sauce, similar to Alfredo. Since they are delicate and sweeter tasting Read More >

In Season

Renewing old pear tree (or apple tree)

Hi,we inherited an old pear tree that came with our garden. It was all mangled up, full of dead branches, and some diseased ones. We started the renewal process right away. This is how we are renewing our old pear tree. The basics of the tree renewal process The tree renewal is daunting, I am Read More >

Valentine 2021 menu – light and simple

Hi, for Valentine 2021 my husband wished for a simple menu, preferably with no meat. So I opted to go with dishes we loved and that had the look for Valentine’s day. I also did not want to spend hours in the kitchen. I offered a couple of options to my husband for a quick Read More >

Christmas lasagna – a homemade, tasty treat

Hi,while lasagnas are not a traditional Croatian fare for holidays, we are making our own family traditions. And since we love lasagna, we decided to make an extra decadent version for our Yule/Christmas table. We make everything from scratch – the green pasta, the meat sauce, and the béchamel. This is an all hands on Read More >

Christmas wheat – an ancient tradition on the holiday table

Hi,Christmas or Yule wheat is an old Slavic and Croatian tradition. It has stayed alive through centuries and we still observe it today. It was used to divine how successful the next year will be. If your wheat was lush and green, your year will be successful. We use Christmas wheat as a decoration for Read More >

Mum´s Tomato juice – 1 ingredient recipe

Hi,my Mum has always made tomato sauce or juice for winter preserves. This has been one of the most important late summer activities. We wouldn´t buy tomato sauce or juice, instead we would bottle our own. We would usually call this preserve by the name of the fruit – tomato. Here is the recipe for Read More >

T-L-T sandwiches – crunchy turkey does the trick

Hi, for my birthday we wanted to go for a picnic. We packed up everything and at the last minute decided to stay home. But these T-L-T sandwiches – short for turkey lettuce and tomato sandwiches were perfect – crunchy and refreshing at the same time. Turkey is fried with crunchy cornflakes breading, tomato and Read More >

Elderflower cordial – bottling springtime

Learn how to make a family favourite elderflower cordial. It is the base of elderflower juice and staple in the pantry.

Blackberry trellis – Sprucing up the blackberry area

How to control your blackberry bush with a blackberry trellis. It is similar to the one used in a wine yard. Pattern is included in post.

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