Advent succulent basket


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Advent succulent basket

Hi,since I’m a succulent and Xmas/Yule obsessed person. It seamed like a logical solution to combine the two things. So I came up with a simple and elegant Advent succulent basket. A bit different take on an Advent wreath. I may dress it up a bit more once when succulents become established. Needed for Advent Read More >

Sinister looking arrangement with dead plants

Sinister Arrangement of Dead Plants

Hello,winter is on it’s way and the meadows are filled with dead dry plants. So In order to celebrate the beginning of winter and Halloween I made a simple dry meadow plant sinister arrangement. I actually picked them on our way home, I made my husband stop the car when we approached an easy to Read More >

WInter and Fall Berry Container

Winter/Fall Berry Container

Hi, I wanted to add some colour to my balcony to make the dreary winter days a bit less gloomy. So I planted the berry container with winter and fall plants. They should provide enough colour throughout the winter.  Plant List for the Berry Container In this container I put a lot of plants. I Read More >

Spicy pumpkin soup

Spicy pumpkin soup – taste the fall

Hi, I really thought that I already wrote a post on my delicious spicy pumpkin soup, and was pretty surprised I didn’t. So here it is – my soup of this week – spicy pumpkin soup. Needed for spicy pumpkin soup hokkaido pumpkin (cca 2 lb or 1 kg) 1 L water salt, pepper cayenne, Read More >

Iced Afternoon Tea

Summer Iced Afternoon Tea – Peachy Affair

Hi, since we’re enjoying the last days of summer I decided to celebrate the late summer with iced afternoon tea. It follow the classical English afternoon tea with the exception of serving iced tea. This iced tea I made by brewing white tea and infusing it with peaches. As a centerpiece we used again a Read More >

Sour Cherry & Lavender Sorbet

Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet

Hi, this is a simple recipe for sorbet that you can use as palate cleanser or simply as a desert. It can be as sweet or sour as you want it. Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet does require one item to be made ahead – Lavender Simple Syrup. Well then, let’s start with recipes. Sour Read More >

Gothic Halloween party centerpiece

Gothic Halloween Party

Hello, I finally managed to have the time to make the post about Gothic Halloween party that we had last year together with our friends from Blueturpentine. We tried our best to incorporate the gothic theme in food and drink but not to compromise on taste. Our main goal wass to make tasty food that Read More >

Using kitchen scraps as mulch

Using Kitchen Scraps as Mulch on Houseplants

Hi, this is something I’ve been doing almost entire year and has proved to be a really good thing. I’m using kitchen scraps as mulch for my houseplants and plants in containers. Not all scraps will do, but this is a way to cut down your waste. Using kitchen scraps as mulch – which ones Read More >

Parchment Carrot Soup

Parchment Baked Carrot Soup aka Liquid Carrot

Hi, I have to admit. I’m crazy about soups, and recently I’ve gotten even crazier about vegan soups. Sorry. Parchment Baked Carrot Soup is another delightful and easy soup. I’m so not sorry it’s (almost) vegan. Again. It may seem like a LOT of coconut oil, but vitamin A and beta-carotene are soluble in fat. Read More >

My set of pots and pans

Stock up the kitchen – pots and pans

I decided to write a post about what you need to host a party as well as have a nice meal at your home. The inspiration came after watching some videos. I was amazed and frightened at the fact on how many things are being said to be necessary. Let’s be honest. All you need is glasses, cutlery, plates and some pots and pans. So let’s start with filling up our kitchen – with things that we actually need. Here are my guidelines, that serve me to not overload my kitchen with unnecessary stuff.